Every one of you has individual beings of light with you

A conversation about spirit guides from our September 16th evening.

Hello to you my dearest ones, beings of such wonder.  Each and every one of you has individual beings of light that be with you. Some sometimes, many more at other times, but always you’ll have one. They come and go as you have needed.  And you have set them to do so in a time before you were entering your physical world, your path in life. How might I help you?

Well, you talked about the individual guides we all have.  Can you tell us how they help us? How is it that you interact with us? Many people don’t have any awareness of beings, being with them?

They may say they have no awareness but in truth they know that there is something there. It’s good sometimes you don’t always have to have aware to that feeling of being with something, someone. Someone who cares very much for you. It’s a union like a parent to a child but greater than this if you can understand that in your world. It’s a love and a compassion. It’s not so much of asking and giving treats, it’s about loving and nurturing and helping one through all the energy.

To help them to grow they need never know who they be or where they be, but the guide the being that helps them, that is the one that is growing too. For if you grow and work and choose to the best of your ability, the entity that be with you be growing as well

So you continue to evolve?

Of course dear. It’s not just you who does all the work



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