Even in the greatest pain, you know love

Rebecca writes:

I have a question about love and why it is so hard being human?  If we’re meant to  have a human experience why does it have to be so hard?  If we chose  our parents, why do we chose ones who don’t show us love, what is the  benefit?  Then we struggle through our lives trying to learn  about love and trusting love, unconditional love. How do we learn to accept, love,  and honor ourselves and this  “gift” of being  human?


The guide’s response:

There are many understandings of love that are not always the truth of love.  A child comes in to the physical world needing nourishment and after dwelling in a place of pure love, seeks that.  And being separated the child seeks the union, the communion of love.  It is part of free will, which is that amazing switch turned on at the moment arising in the physical domain.  And so, you gather what you can about that nourishment that you seek as a helpless creature in a world that is very harsh at first.

Dearest one, growing and moving and being present in the physical domain has difficulties. (It has often been said that if you knew the true understanding of all that lies ahead of you,  you would run screaming in the opposite direction.  And there are many that would not return to the physical plane for fear.)  But it is through love of life, love of growing, love of being and the understanding of the oneness, that one chooses to move forward.

And many elements of learning involve the keeping back of love to one, for the purpose of another.  It is hard to understand. It is hard to understand God in the physical domain. But the seeking and the reaching for it is the purpose of growth.  When you are completed and you stand radiant in the wholeness of it, you will know you are love.  You will know it does not need to come from any one place but from that that is within.  For you shall be love.

All of these steps, all of these masks, all of these different personas, are for a purpose–to learn to grow.  To grow to understand that perhaps a mask covers pain. Even in the greatest pain, you know love.  You know that sweet song of the spirit that touches your cheeks, that takes your hand.  In the greatest darkness, the most brilliant light is you.

Trust in the love that lies within you and outside of you that those who seek it, for those who reach to grow, to be–for it is them, it is you.  My blessed one, you seek the highest and your message will be heard.  I love you and am with you.

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