Energy surges and spoken words

Sandra has experienced intense energy surges moving up my body for about ten years.  She says,” I have been told I had a spontaneous awakening of the Kundalini energy.  As the energy has moved, it has created pains where blockages existed and so has served me well.  Over the past three years though, when the energy moves, languages come out of my mouth.  It can be quite expressive!  Could you help me understand what it means? What is the purpose of these phrases that flow out of my being?  Is it coming from within me or outside of me?  I don’t know whether this is important.”

It is a form of healing for her conscious mind is very much wanting it to be correct and right.  And so, it is of words that are not controlled by the conscious mind.  This being in time will channel many beings.  She must not be afraid of it. It is true the energies move with ease through her, and her vibration heightens.   And she will meet the time when it is right for her to allow the words to be known and the words will move with ease.  It is teaching, nothing to fear.

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