Embracing change and growth

RGP writes:

Hello and thank you for such wonderful messages. I have been sensing and seeing a MAJOR change coming in my life, something that will propel me to much growth. I am just not completely understanding exactly what that event is. Could you help me see what it is that is going to create such a shift for me? Of course, I am thinking the worst! But, I am knowing of the tremendous growth that will follow. As much as I a worried about the impact, I am excited to be on my journey. Any insight that you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

The guide’s response:

Dearest one, do not fear change.  Change is a wonderful thing that creates growth or growth creates change.  In your world you may see it as one way or another.  At the same time you know all things must change, but you don’t fear.  You are willing and yet you are afraid of pain, of loss. Embrace it, this growth and know that pain is part of the physical world but it does not need to be as deep and as sharp as you understand it has purpose.  Release yourself from this.  You think a great deal, blessed one.  You try to go through things so that you do not have fear when they occur.

Be present in the moment, embrace it and trust that the moment will bring change and you in the radiance of your growth will truly enjoy that that is ahead.  You seek freedom and yet you always find a way to lift yourself.  Understand that you are greater than all of your world you have created.  Think of this for a while and find peace my blessed one.

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