The Egyptian uprising and its meaning for todays’ world

Funtastic writes:

Greetings Ladies and Guides. I have been watching the Egyptian uprising in pursuit of democracy. How can they best achieve what they desire? What is the best strategic method for overcoming the powers that stand in their way of achieving their goals? I hope they are successful in achieving that which they desire.

The guide’s response:

Yes, again there are many chaotic elements present in your physical world right now. Chaos can bring growth.  Understand that this is not ancient ones that are protesting and rioting.  There is a mix of very new and some older beings that are creating this change–to seek their truth, to speak their truth, to proceed individually, although at this time great numbers have brought about this need for change.  It will be the individual voices that will create the longer lasting change.  It is believed by the ruling force that it is a mob statement, but it is only by hearing that it is individuals, understandings of needing a change that it will occur.

Trust that all is happening for the betterment at this time and those that gave up their lives for this will truly have opportunity of great growth in spirit.  In other words, for those who have seemed to have lost the opportunity for growth, death is not the end.  It is a transformation; to begin anew with greater knowing, with a greater vibration.

This one asks such questions of the world, wanting to understand the whole of it and knowing that this one dwells in a time of great growth.  A time of the overturn; a changing of the guard.  It is the uprising of the truth bubbling through the old.  This is a time of the new understanding, a new writing.  Your world has dwelled in a time of taking and seeking the understanding from the world of the old.  It is like trying to read hieroglyphics in the present, or seek old soothsayers and old prophetisers to understand the world. It doesn’t work for now.

To understand the world now is to seek your true teachers that lie within you.   Those of you that are now present will use the words of now to speak the truth of now. It is not to say the old is wrong, but it does not fit now.  And for those that it does fit, they are speaking in old ways and it will not satisfy or fulfill the present conditions in the physical domain. It is not that you must discard the old ways, but trust that it was good ground from which you sprang.  You would not expect your children to speak the baby talk and the simple words they used to learn about their world.

Your truth changes day by day, second by second–and this is as it should. You are limitless.  The truth that was spoken at one time is now limited.  It is contained therein.  And now, if you understand the true understanding of the truth being limitless, it has grown, it has evolved.  And that is what you see in the world.  That is what this being sees and worries whether they are doing it the right way.  What seems negative at first can have a choice of outcome that is very positive.

Trust and see that that is at hand.  When I speak that that is at hand it is conscious truth of the present, the work that is at hand, the choices that have to be made now.  When we say “at hand” being that that you can write.

Can people still find the truth in formalized religious systems?

If they allow it to grow, to move beyond that that was.  It is thus for any state of rules.  You are in a time where it is not about rules, but about being.  Those rules were the beginning, as if the fertile soil that the young seed grows in, taking from it those that are moving forward to that that is–your truth.  It brings comfort to some and so that is what it might be in time of chaos.

It is time to be, to trust in the new, for it will create the birth of now.

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  1. Funtastic February 13, 2011 at 9:00 am - Reply

    Dear Guides,
    Are people who do evil, like African-American slave masters and those who killed or ordered the killing of African people in order to clear land for oil drilling, ever punished or suffer for the harm that they cause others? Are they made to experience the same type of treatment at some point in time? Or do they suffer no negative consequences for their behavior unless other humans hold them accountable?

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