Drifting away while driving or walking

Jennifer asks for an explanation of an experience she has while walking or driving.  She says, “Sometimes when I am walking, running, or driving my car,  I first get mesmerized, then I get a feeling of slipping away. My body is still present but my spirit seems to be drifting away and then suddenly my spirit disappears. When this happens, I get scared and I try to come back. The more I try the further away I get. Then suddenly I just return.”

It would be frightening if you were driving an automobile and felt this way, I’m not surprised my dear.  So to try to stay intact with your being at that time is important.  But what is truly happening with you my dear is ‘maturation of the soul’–the union that happens within some very evolved beings to take growth in spirit while present in the physical domain.  It isn’t always the case, but for her this is what is happening.  That’s why she will have thoughts and passages of words that don’t pertain to anything that she is doing at the time.

Don’t worry, be calm, be still—but try to be always in a place that is secure and steady if you want to allow this feeling.  Some might call it “déjà vu”—tripping of the brain, but n truth is the growing of the spirit in the body. It does cause some confusion and it is best not to be driving at high speeds when you are experiencing this. If you are extremely tired it is more likely to occur because the spirit takes over the physical at that time.  But it will not kill you my dear.  You are completely safe.  It is just a growth and it will not last forever.  But you have already noticed that you are more open, calmer. You see with a different perspective now.  Trust my dear.  Do not worry.

So if she’s driving a car and she feels that, should she just pull over?

As soon as she pulls over it will have passed.  Try to sing a song, whistle something. Try to stay in contact, put on your music or your radio—something that will keep you grounded.

Thank you very much.

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