I keep having a dream that a man breaks into my home.  In the dream, I come from the back to find that the door has been unlocked.  I usually see the burglar, but the house is dark and the lights don’t seem to work.  I wake up feeling very afraid to the point where I put something behind my door to help me feel safe and hopefully keep anyone from getting in.  I find that doing this alleviates my fears. 

Is this a warning of an impending real life event?  Please tell me why I have this dream repeatedly and what does it mean.  I know that my father often comes to me when I need to be warned of something in real life.    Following that dream, I had one where a woman told me to use my third eye to read the Bible.  Thank you.

The guide’s response:

Dreams are created by your conscious mind, my dear. So every being in your dream is an aspect of you: what you believe they are, what you believe you are, in your conscious mind, not your spirit mind. The creation of the actual energy in the dream is from the spirit. The conscious mind puts in the players and all the pieces.

You are full of anxiety. You do fear someone taking over your life and controlling you.  And as to a third eye, everyone has one. You just needed to understand that it wasn’t just the bible that you needed to read, but you needed to see you.

There are so many things that have been said to you from the Bible that you no longer trust in. Trust in yourself. Dreams are wonderful tools to learn about yourself. You feel your house is dark, and frightful sometimes. That the world is frightful and might come in and get you. It isn’t, dearest. Your world wants to embrace you. But you must be the one who opens to it and trusts it.

Bless you my child. Bless you for you are love.