Kirk asks about a complicated dream in which he felt a strong connection with a dark haired man who called himself Tod.  He would like some insight into the dream as it seemed very important. Can you comment? 


Blessed one, your dream is a manifestation of your creation.  Every being in it is a fracture of you.  You desire to love, to be whole and complete.  Your complicated life shows up in this dream. You manifest many things.  You fear being judged–but then most beings in the physical world have this concern.  I do not know why, but it is a reality of your world.  It is needed to release this, to embrace your path.  See your dreams in the morning as a wonderful display of how you are feeling at this time.

Yes, this dream does teach you something.  It teaches that you want to be accepted, that you want to be loved; it teaches that you have a somewhat chaotic state in your life right now.  And you fear knowing who you really are.  Blessed one, I know who you are.  You are a wise and gentle being with such an ability to touch the hearts of others.  You often hold back instead of letting them see who you are. Trust in yourself my dearest one.  Trust that you are on the right path.  That you will find that partner or union in your path, that you will find peace.  It is good that you look at your dreams.  Do not stay within them, take them along with you on your path.  There is something from your being, talking to you.   You are the only one who can truly hear what they say.  If you are still, you will be able to hear.  You have much chaos in your life my dearest, practice being still.  The practice of dreaming is good, do it in the waking state, for it will give you a source of peace.