Zephhr – Guides of light, can you please teach about how our thoughts impact or co-create our reality?  Is it only our thought patterns that create our experience or are there other influences such as promises and random events outside of our control?  Is there a universal law of attraction that is in constant energetic flow creating each individual’s reality?

Yes, to all of it. Yes.  You have to understand that a being, before they enter into the physical world, views all that they have done and experiences all the growth that they have experienced.  A being will see the growth with such clarity and will understand where the growth lies yet they might still learn.  In communion with other beings of love and light, they may decide to do promises together.  Most promises are a separate individual task of learning.

And then the being enters into the physical world.  They be that body, they be present in that body that they create to serve as their vehicle of learning in a lifetime.  So, as you say they do create their own reality.  They create the body which carries them to facilitate the learning.  Then there is free will which is created in the body which keeps it in the physical world by making choices to not leave and to stay present.  And the conscious mind of that body creates a knowing of who this being needs to be.  That is why you often feel like you are separate individuals in one and in many ways this is true.

But I want you to understand that you are the power, the God power of your being.  You are the knowing of even when you will make a choice, you know if it is a right or wrong choice. You know this.  No one can fool you, not even the newest of beings in this realm can say that they did not know perhaps that was the best thing for them to do, or was not the best thing for them to do.   So you create all this on your path to grow, that greater part of you to get to a higher vibration.  Your promises will be presented through your choices because you chose to learn certain things through the assistance of those beings that surround you both in the physical and in the spiritual domains.  And, it is up to you to pick them up and to learn them and perhaps repeat them until you truly understand the whole of that that is at hand.

Is there a law of attraction?  You might call that the law of attraction–that you be the attracting one and all will be presented for you to learn and to grow.  If you go forward with the learning and the wanting and the loving of who you be, it will be presented  and followed through with much of this.  If you go forward with the attitude attained  by some of your conscious mind (your spirit would never have an attitude) that was the least bit of a negative form.  But if do you always see things in the hardest view, or have a quick answer and not a true deep thought of what you choose, you will attract that to you.  If you are impatient you will find people being impatient with you.  If you  are constantly feeling like the world owes you something, oh you will have a debt that will never be fulfilled.  But if you look into that debt and embrace it with “I love it and I will be present in it,” then it will diminish and love will fill its place.

So what does this all mean?  Does it mean you are floating around in a soup of who knows what?  Yes, actually, and you do create it.  You make sense of it because that is your job here.  My job?  My job is to help you see through it.  Perhaps though this method is a little unusual; not all beings will hear the voice of a disembodied being that has walked in your world, your beautiful world.  But all can reach into that wonder that surrounds them.  All can reach into the love that is there, that can be filtered through to them by those that are with them, by the greatness that supports all beings.

You have not been surprised by  anything I have said.  So, don’t be frustrated with confusion from time to time.  It is a good thing.  It is a good state to stop and try to clarify.  How could you do this if you were not confused from time to time?  You are loved.