Avi writes:

I have the strangest sensation that my end is near – i.e., that I’m going to die. I’m not a fatalist by nature, nor am I a hypochondriac. I want to believe that I have spirit guides… can they provide me with any clarity on this feeling? What are they saying?


The guide’s response:

Bravo my blessed one.  For you have been afraid to ask if you are about to die.  Dearest one, you have much on your path yet to do.  I do not believe you will choose to leave this physical domain for some time.  You have much to give, many sunrises to see.  You have only begun to enjoy it, have you not?  Its richness, its depth, its amazing opportunity to learn, to give.

You have five wonderful beings that surround you with light and love.  They are there to assist you at any time.  Often times, the person in the middle of learning, or growing, will often feel alone and believe that the beings are not with them–though in truth they are very close.  But you must trust and call upon the depth of the teacher that lies within you, that wealth of who you be, the collective of the many experiences to show you that that lies ahead.  You can do it.  It is only because you see the wealth in everything you have that you think it might be coming to an end.  Do not worry, dance in your sunrise.  See and be, blessed one.