Do not judge–simply fill the space with love

Anonymous writes:

Thank you for this opportunity to connect with you.  I have a strained relationship with a close family member. I know you know who I mean. I have distanced myself emotionally from this individual because of past violent incidents and because I no longer trust this person tells me the truth. Am I handling this situation wisely? Could you please give me some insights that will help me in my dealings with this individual? Can you please tell me how I can better help some innocent family members who are caught up in this situation? Thank you again for your help.


The guide’s response:

Blessed one, you are feeling very confused.  You have tried very hard to understand many things with old concepts that no longer fit your path.  There is anger.  There is anger and a need to control. You must firstly accept that there is great love for you.  But you are not willing to accept it. There is part of you feels that it must come through a certain way to be acceptable.

Be still, blessed one.  Hear what others speak.  Do not judge–just simply fill the space with love. Allow your being to hear, to see them and let them know that they are being heard and seen.

As to the innocents, you must be responsible for your actions.  You must speak, gentle, protective love.  Blessed one, know that you also have a responsibility for and to the situation you are in.   No one being is separate in this, remember this.

Be still, hear and understand all that is present. You have choices at hand.  It is up to you. And remember, it is about growing and moving forward. Bless you my child for you are loved.


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  1. anna November 28, 2011 at 1:26 pm - Reply

    my question is about myself. i often feel stuck, and this brings much frustration as i know there is so much potential which i feel i do not act on. what can i do to discover and express what i should be doing? where to put my energies and what to let go of? thank you.

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