Anonymous writes:

We are very worried about Tom. Why can’t he take care of himself, and what can be done to really help him? I have been passive and pessimistic while other family members have tried to help him in the past, but maybe that has been a mistake. I feel a sense of fear for him now.

The guide’s response:

Blessed one, firstly, never fear.  Trust, trust that there will be learning, growth, forward movement. When you think of this being surround them with light and love. Do not judge, but see them as exactly who they be and where they be — and love them in that.  Love does not mean accepting their choices as being the choices you would make.  Love means seeing them and just standing and holding the love.

This being has had difficulties. There have been times of clarity.  But your just seeing and not judging, accepting and not having a process or program, it would be best for you and this being.

No, it is not about being weak or spoiled, it is about just loving them.  Not all beings come with the same promises, or tasks to learn.   That that irritates you the most you should look at in your own life — for it is something you need to learn.  You are angry that there is no free ride.  Believe me, my child, this being does not feel there is a free ride.  This is not a choice he wants for his being, but he feels lost. The best way to find yourself often occurs when others see you as you are, just that.  Embrace this one and do not be afraid to speak clearly but lovingly, exactly as he is. The thrashing and anger that comes forth comes from a fear.  Stand your ground in light and love and do not fear.