Do demons exist?


Funtastic – Are demons real? Can a person be demon possessed? If not, what is occurring?

Guide – demon in your physical world’s understanding does not exist. There are no negative forces in the greater force of the universe. They lie within your physical world. I know this well. A being can be possessed by an unhealthy state of being, but another spirit cannot overtake a body. Only positive energies can channel through bodies.

The demon idea was created to control. It’s a very fearful thought and it works very well. And those that need a form for their fear to be part of can create a possession by it. But the reality lies within that being. They needed to create that, for whatever reason: attention, love, to make a point, to control people, to release anger. The answers are forever.

But in spirit, there is only love. Oh love can be contorted into a very angry, unhappy state. Do not misunderstand that. But there is still love at the center of it. There is love. And there is good and bad, and both are good. It’s what you choose that creates it, molds it. The energy is given; you choose the outcome. You may not understand this yet, but you shall.

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