Discussion with a spirit guide about negative and upsetting news stories

Often our news media are perpetuating so much fear. I wish we had a good news channel that people could tune into for all these wonderful things that are happening.

Drama sensationalizes fear. It makes money for these beings. They build lives on it. Allow them their time and their need, and know that it has an effect on each of them. So as you hear or listen to their words, what comes from their lips, send them love. Tell them that you know eventually they will not be able to continue. Some of your greatest speakers draw away from it eventually and seek a life of peace and happiness, and feel the weight of communicating these words for so long caused a great amount of destruction to them.

Know that there must be a balance in all things in your world. So do not hide from it. See it, behold it, hold the energy around you–and send that to them. Where would the friction be blessed one if there were not those who need to hide or fear? How would they choose to grow beyond it? There are only certain elements present in your physical domain, though in time you will see other dimensions that do not need it.

So when we read or watch the news, we can look it and see those stories even though they are negative or upsetting, as the growth and the lessons, and know that there are positive things happening, even the growth and lessons within that?

Yes, what might affect you may not affect another. What causes one to grow may cause another to stop. You see, as you were told, the era of responsibility is upon you. What do you choose? Even as you sit and feel upset, ask why are you upset. What caused your being to get the message of fear. Go to that place within yourself, make peace with it, and grow. Realize that it’s part of you but it doesn’t need to hold you back. Some take in these transmissions, these tele-videos, and hide behind it, overwhelmed by it. Send them love. Send them a hand in the darkness, that they are not alone, that there is a way to be present and be stronger than that.

They are not wrong; they are only unbalanced. Even if you were to have only the opposite it would be unbalanced. You must decide what your truth is, you must glean from all of it your truth. What feeds your spirit?



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