Difficulty in letting go

IMG_7986Waronadipose  —  Do GCE have a promise to one another?  Our interactions have been great of late but I wonder why I’ve never been able to let him go even when I’ve felt hurt by him in the past.

Of course you have a promise with him, my dear.  That is why you difficulty in letting go. So instead of thinking of this “letting go” as a severing of all ties, think of it as a bond you have with that one. For that is what you create with each individual you meet, and especially those you have promises with (or elements of learning).  You create an energy, unique and wonderful.  So see it not as ever being destroyed, but part, part of that that is.

Expectations you have difficulty with, my dear.  Feeling that one step must follow another, that’s the linear thinking of the physical world.  It doesn’t exist.  Be in the moment.  And in that moment, be exactly your truth.  Don’t hold back thoughts or wishes.  Be them.  Believe like you’ve never believed in anything before…and you will stop struggling.

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