Difficulty accepting love

Elizabeth has asked a question about her difficulty accepting love. She says she would like to have a partner but feels she is pushing him away by having foolish reactions. She says when someone tells her they love her she wants to pull away or she feels like crying. She doesn’t know how to cope with this.

Speak to this blessed being that there are no reactions that are foolish. Her reaction is automatic. For deep within her being there is a very deep wound, one that has not yet healed. She has the understanding that she is not worthy of love and fears that in giving it there will be pain. I cannot tell her exactly what happened for it is not my place to do so. For her growth she must delve deep into her being, to feel, to bring forward that that needs to be healed. It would be good for her to find someone that she feels completely safe and comfortable with. For often through the act of putting words…putting vibration to words, pain to words…the vision, the understanding, the place of hurt will come clear to her. This is often done in your world through certain specialists. It can be done with one that she feels completely at peace and secure with–one that will not judge, one that will not analyze, but one that will help her to see that that she will present to herself.

She has been keeping many people at a distance, being over-zealous in loving and abundant in giving to all those around her. Very few know the deep loneliness that lies within this one, but underneath that is a fear of not being worth loving. She is worth loving. She is a beautiful being, and has much to allow her being to accept. Tell her it will take time. She must be patient with herself, loving with herself. It is not just the application of a word, as if a bandage over a wound. It is looking deep into the wound and finding the source of it and understanding how you bleed to it. Judge not how others bleed to their wounds, but see only to your own. Heal it from the inside out…and then you will welcome the touch you so deeply need.

So a counselor of some sort could help her with this, someone who specializes in early life issues?

Yes, as long as she feels secure and comfortable with the being. It may take quite a while for she is very leery of drawing people close to her. Tell her to work on trusting. She is a beautiful being.

Thank you.

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