RGP feels that there are big changes ahead spiritually. She says, “I’ve had sensations of a spirit coming in trying to channel through me. And also on occasion felt like I’m seeing the big picture, more from a larger spiritual perspective. Sometimes I’ve felt like I’ve spaced out completely. Am I just going a little crazy or am I on the edge of a big spiritual growth?”

You are not going crazy, blessed child. And you are not on the edge. You are. You have been for some time. Many of the things that have manifested on your path are part of it—all tools with which you will teach and help others. Channeling is not so foreign a thing. These beings that surround you are of great height and light. That means they vibrate very quickly and of course you will feel somewhat heavy or disconnected as they move to help you. Remember if they channel through you, it is your words as well. Nothing will come through that would be against that that you truly be. No one is taking over your being.

You have been angry in your past and you are being lifted out of this shadow into the blissful wonder of just…happiness. I know you want to find a way in which you can manifest all of this and bring it forward. And this is going to be. Do not be in such a hurry. Keep taking the notes, child. Oh I say not child in that you are small or less than. You are an evolved being. You have come with a very large promise to help many.

And it is true that you will work with others –in time. Let it find its place. You cannot force these things, for when you have you have found yourself amongst others that were not of your truth. They had rules and regulations that did not fit with you. You are doing well my child. Continue. There is much love around you. They hold you. You are not alone.

Thank you very much. I’ll pass this information on.