You have to dare yourself to unleash yourself


Opening Mind – This is beautiful, compassionate and wise. You say: “Ask. Ask for yourselves, ask for your growth. This is what opens the doors for you and for those beings of spirit that are with you.” I have almost been afraid to ask for myself, as if it is self indulgent or something I should know already, or something that I might not want to know. I have had key moments in my life where I have felt truly guided by the wisdom of spirit guides. I feel so lucky and blessed. But I know that ahead of me, of course, lies loss and grief as, inevitably, loved ones around me pass on, or even my life comes to an end. There is no escaping it. I guess what I would like to ask is where to put my energies and passion. Is it my writing? Or is it my new company? (Which seems to be going great guns and bringing good work to others, too, and helping in positive ways.) My kids seem to be thriving, and that has been my key focus for more than 20 years. So, dare I ask, what now for me? Where lies my growth and contribution?

Dear, dearest one, there is present in your physical world this puritanical belief that to ask for one’s self in some way is somewhat heresy. Oh, how wrong this belief is.

It is only in asking for yourself that the true love of self is seen and understood.  That you are worth asking for whatever, for you would tell your children to ask for what they need.  And, so you ask.  Please do not think in any way that it is selfish.

You have some fears, my dear. You are very afraid of doing the wrong things, stepping out of line.  You’ve been such a good girl. You have hidden a lot of your wild wants and beliefs in many ways to times when you can steal a moment or two. Now you have free moments. You are not only one thing.  You are a writer, a mother, a daughter, a friend, a partner. You would never that think you should just fulfill one thing as being a business woman.  You will do many things.

You need to first of all, before you launch yourself quickly and lose the ability to truly give time to yourself, think about what you want.  What is it you want? I know you are a feeling a bit dissatisfied with many things.  And you are searching for that feeling inside of you as it is when you first fall in love, or first discover some wonderful thing that just lifts your spirit.

Instead, you are thinking about losing and a change might bring on an uncomfortable state.  And so, what to do? To write, but perhaps to write something different, something that will really push your intellect, which is very keen. Present something unusual.  Go for a walk and see a phrase, or hear a phrase, and make a story out of it.

Why does it have to be re-writing some great dictatorship, or something like that, that you have seen so many times in your world?  It is time for new things and new understandings, new ways to teach young souls.  Launch yourself into another person’s shoes and walk and talk in their way.  Remember past existences, old loves, old tastes.  Let them become anew again within you.  Oh, I could go on forever, my dear. There are many things I could say to you and I know you would sit and listen and listen and still at the moment of trying to do one of them, your heart would race, you will feel sweaty palms and you will think, dare I?

You have to.  You have to dare yourself to unleash yourself.  You can still be a good being and do something quite wonderfully frivolous.  Blessed one, there are many things ahead for you, many, many things.

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