Cheryl asked about crystals. She says she is drawn to certain crystals crystals (Lemurian Seed crystals, amethyst, rose quartz and labradourite) and finds they make her feel very peaceful. She uses one of her Lemurian crystals as a pendulum and would like to know if this is a good way to communicate with the guides. She wonders if the answers accurate or whether the motion of the pendulum influenced by her thoughts.

This dear one is drawn to the purity and simplicity of the crystals. For they be pure and reflect only that that is surrounding them, and it is her pure light they reflect back to her, making her feel very at peace. She has experienced lifetimes where these very pendulums and crystals played very much a part of her path. They give her a feeling of security. I am not surprised by this. She might bring them close to her whenever she feels the need, but truly it is her own beautiful energy they reflect. She must know that she has suffered a great deal to be so light, and her vibration moves at a rate very similar to many crystals, and so they do feel good on her body.

She will know that that is right for her, a very romantic, emotional being. As to the pendulum, it is her energy that makes it move. Her energy is reflected, and so it will speak truth to her.