S asks:

I wish to create more ease financially this year. Can you tell me how I can shift my understanding to create this? Is there anything I need to release or to open up to? I work in two positions right now. A kind thanks.

Yes, dear one.  You need very much to stand strong for who you be and seek your truth.  You are torn between two separate poles almost as if the right and the wrong for you, the yin and yang.  This comes from a different time from where you feel you did not fit. You haven’t decided what you need to do so you put that banner of financial need over it.  But in truth, you never felt right in anything yet.  So, release all of this.  I don’t know if you need to leave your two positions but in time, start to flow in your dreams of what you would like to create to bring into your life. Remember as a child what you loved to do and how your imagination would create such wonderful things.  Use this again and try to remember what it is that you love to do and then the monies will come because it is not a necessary thing that you would not have money to learn.  It is simply a tool to provide ease and you can have as much as you need my dear.