Coping with negative thoughts and fear

Funtastic writes:

This morning I dreamed that I was being raped. I do feel wronged by what has happened to me with the Occupy group. I did what I did because I felt so attacked, disrespected, abused, bullied, misunderstood, and conspired against. I know I made some mistakes, but I know that I do not deserve this. I wish I had been stronger to not let the negativity, the emails and the postings, get to me in that way. Is this what my upcoming move is related to? Is my reputation now ruined in this place, and I will need to move? You know my heart and my intentions with why I got involved. What is my best course of action going forward? I feel so hurt and as a result I wanted to make them have to basically start over. What is the best way that I can still contribute to the Occupy movement, not necessarily locally, going forward? I want to be able to cry to allow my feelings to flow. I may not know exactly what to ask, but I hope you are able to tell me what I need to know, and I hope I have the strength to heed it.

The guide’s response:

You have done an amazing amount of growth, little one.  You have opened yourself to spirit wisdom.  There is still an old, old condition that is not truly believing in all of who you are that feels guilty that you have not suffered, or been in certain conditions.  And so, when you instantly hear one negative word, take it to heart    instead of realizing you have grown beyond anyone else’s opinion of you.  For those are just opinions fed without thought or understanding of who you are and what you wish to be.  Your world seems small and tight to you and you do need to see more of it. You need to step outside of this small, rigid thinking to other places.   But you fear that these old conditions tell you that there is so much to fear in your world and so you instantly think of a negative thought as being something that can harm you and take you away from that that you be.  It is not true.

They cannot harm you unless you make yourself sick by the thought of it.  They will not come and attack you for they truly are very impotent in their ways, unable to do forward movement as you wish to do.  Yes, you have taken a few steps back right now and that is why you are in this dizzying state of confusion.  But you are starting to see the clarity, starting to know that there is a world out there that you must go to see.  Oh, you are a beauty.  Do not fear the world, blessed one.

It would be good for you to find a strong friend that you could go with to travel and see the world.  This would be a most wondrous education for you.  For much information that you receive is channelled through avenues that isn’t always easy for you to understand.  It is time to develop your own truth.  That is what all of this is about.  You wanted to help for you have such a dear desire to help others.  But you didn’t understand the whole of it.  Oh, you can still help them, but help yourself to become strong first.  You will do well.  You are loved.  You are not alone.  Do not fear.


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