Connecting with my higher self

PeaceWhat steps can I do to connect with my Higher Self and become one with Spirit?

This is shared with permission from a personal reading.  The guide answering this question is one who is with the individual asking; or, one we refer to as a “personal” guide.

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Well, it is to find peace.  There was a misconception in the physical world about being, about loving thyself, about being one with all.  Perhaps it is because of the evolution of the souls are all different rates. But many believe that being one with one’s self, loving your self is driving the nicest car, or wearing the finest clothing or perhaps some fashion statement, or pampering.  Loving one’s self is the kindest, gentlest knowing that you are perfect in all of your imperfections and all of your weaknesses and strengths to have that gentle love of self and then it flows to love others.

When you want to know about your higher self, know that you are your higher self, that within you, you know what is right for you and what is wrong for you.  You know that when you do an action that is not correct for you being, every cell of your being will radiate this. You might choose for your consciousness to ignore it, but the fact is, it will ring out eventually and you will have to listen to this.

Higher self is not some issue walking over you.  It is that God within, that beautiful perfection, that energy that created you. It moves through this path and this body that you created to be.  You are a blessed being, little one, and I know you are very eager and anxious to do all things right.  But just stop in the middle of all of these amazing things that you have done and have grown through, thinking about where you came from and how you be. See how truly, you are doing very well for yourself.

You can look upon another with empathy and compassion because you do love yourself.  Oh, you are feeling a little upset and thinking you’ve done some wrong actions.  But perhaps those actions were choices you had to make because of learning you haven’t received.  Think not of those choices as negative.   See them that they taught you a great deal of who you are and what you want.

You live in a time when there are so many theories and concepts of how to be, but truly, my blessed one, the only one who knows how you should be is you.  It is hard to understand that the teacher for you, the hero for you, lies within, the God within.

So, when you are the most distressed, or anxious about how to be, be still, breathe deeply and be aware of your surroundings and see how you truly are.  Check in with your being.  Are you stressed because of something that is physically attacking you, or something that your brain has created that is not even a reality.

This is how you know your higher self, to understand that you are a greater thing than your brain, or your mind. You are the energy, or the battery that moves this entire body.

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