Vonna would like to know what to do to reconnect with her younger sister Joanne.

This dear being wants very much to touch the heart of her sister but must accept the fact that she cannot be that at this time with her sister. That it would not be a replacing of this dear child that she lost. Vonna needs to find a bond that is close and loving; she cannot be responsible if the sister does not wish it to be. She must accept and find light and love within others. There are many that are close to her.

She should extend her love to her sister but expect nothing in return. If in time the sister is ready…(though at this time there is a great fear of not being acceptable to the older sister). There is nothing the older sister need do, other than be unconditional with her sister. Tell Vonna to simply speak openly of her love and acceptance.

If she were to force the issue with this sister, it would not create growth but in fact cause some difficulty. She wants to mother someone now. She wants to have the love she had and she misses it terribly, but this is not what she had with her sister ever.

One is only responsible for one’s own path. One can shed light and love to others, but if they do not wish to join with you, you must accept where they be. Vonna can love her sister from her path and hope that one day they will have more. She needs to nourish her being, to grow, to be, and to love herself. Movement, expectation that light and love will be.