Shelly is interested in a man who is a minister.  She’s confused by the situation and doesn’t know if she should speak of her feelings or walk away.  She doesn’t know if he’s having fun with her or if there’s some seriousness in this relationship. 

Dearest Shelly, you are living two lives right now.  That is very hard for you; very difficult.  But you do not know what is your truth.  This is the most important thing for you to focus on right now:  your truth.  Do not make choices for others at this time.  Step away from all of it and find yourself and your truth.  It is your terrible loneliness that worries me.  Dearest one, you do need to communicate. But it is to yourself, to clarify what it is you want.
There are not even big enough words for what you are facing right now.  You want very much someone to fall into to be held up by, but this is not the time for that.  Right now you must find your own inner truth.  What a gentle soul you are.  You are not alone my dear.
Find a being that you can speak to about these thoughts and feelings.  One that will not judge, one that will hear you, one that you feel safe with.  And have them mirror back.  This will help you my child.  Do not do this with anyone that has strong judgment, of which there are many that surround you.  Blessed one you do know the truth.
So a close friend or a counselor could help her then?
One that she would trust with her life.
Thank you so much.