Concern about a son who seems lost

S writes:

I’m concerned about my son as he appears to be lost. Is he finding his way? I want to support him and help him and yet feel pressed upon. He wants to move in with me for the short term and I have mixed feelings. How can I best assist him at this time? With gratitude thank you for your guidance.

The guide’s response:

Dear one, you know you love him dearly, but you do not speak your own truth with him.  If the two of you can sit down and speak about all things that have been unspoken and be willing to hear, both you and he, the voice of each of you, then you will assist in any way.  But until that time you cannot dwell in the fear of the unspoken.  Has he grown? Yes, he is trying very hard, but still uses many control things over you, dearest.  If you can speak openly about this, if you can speak openly even of times when you fear, then you can assist him in any way for you will have opened in complete love with him.

Your son has difficulty being.  He doesn’t understand where he fits in this world.  He keeps coming back to you even though he has hurt you many times.  He comes back wanting that pure love.  I know you want to help him. You and father, each come together to redo that what occurred with this child. Both need to help him.  Do not take on the attitudes or understandings of others in your world right now.  Both need to come together to speak with him to speak with him of love, about being.  If this can happen he shall heal himself.

But begin with one thing at a time.  Have times together to talk, to hear, to be willing.  He is very lost in the healing process. You are willing to hear, to be present, he must too.  Bless you my child.

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