Concern about a partner’s wellbeing

Kristine is worried about her husband’s physical and mental wellbeing. Lately he has been withdrawn and lethargic but claims he is happy. She says she knows it is not so. He often wants to be alone and turns to TV and alcohol. His body is also suffering a great deal. She asks for some insight into this and would like to know if he believes in a higher source.

He wants to. Blessed Kristine, I know that you know you cannot be responsible for his growth–but you cannot help yourself. Knowing this my child, you must accept that he must make his own choices. And it’s all right to accept what he says to you. He wants to believe in the higher realms. He is afraid. He is afraid of being like his father, of looking foolish. He is afraid it is a weakness. No, not for you. For he feels you protect all, so he is protected. He has learned a great deal from you and is trying very hard to be like you.

You know the virus in his body has caused a great deal of difficulty for him. And when one is not happy one’s immune system is not strong. And viruses cause difficulty within him—thus the pain in the knees, the joints. There is some in the spine as well; there is even some curvature occurring. He must find his bliss, his happiness. He is a good being. The choice of the escape—well it’s not unknown in your world.

He loves his children, and you. Be patient. But still be excited. Talk openly about not moving forward. Talk openly about feeling the need for change, no not changing everything, but the natural order of change as the children grow, as you two grow. Love him—as you always have—but love yourself first, my child. Love yourself that you might give to the rest.

I know you pretend a lot of the time; you pretend not to know that that you do know. And you wonder if you do yourself harm by this. Know that if at the end of the day as you lay down, you truly believe that that you be is right, then all is well. I love you my child.

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  1. Reya Mellicker April 6, 2009 at 4:47 pm - Reply

    I’ve been single for more than eight years. I’ve done all the work I can think of to release the events of my last breakup. It was bad, but bad enough to haunt me for eight years? I would love to begin seeing someone again. Is there something that’s still blocking me?Thank you so so much!

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