Nana is concerned about her grandson.  She says, “He is tall, handsome and smart.  Unfortunately he has not had any breaks in life.  He doesn’t know who his father is, and his mother has not been very responsible.  I brought him up from the age of 9 to 15 at which point he moved back in with his mother, but she had a drug dealer boyfriend, who taught him everything he knew.  Now he is 21 and could be a movie star he is so gorgeous but instead he is dealing hard drugs.  It is so dangerous. He has already been in the hospital with broken eye sockets, because he switched dealers. I am so scared for him.  I am afraid for his soul, and of course his physical body.  Will he learn and grow from this?  I pray every day that he will find some way out of the trap that his life has become.  Please help him, I feel so inadequate.”

Dearest Nana, firstly I want to say to you thank you.  Thank you for seeing and hearing and being there for this one and for your daughter.  Even though you hold a great deal of angst about her and you feel that she has failed her son terribly.  She has failed herself terribly too at this time and is not willing.  I understand your frustration.  Who is there for this child?  You are.  But there are also a great number of beings of spirit that are there for this one.   And they are speaking love and acceptance and willingness and forgiveness to this child.  And so must you, for that is what you have always felt about this one.  You have talked openly and honestly.

You have loved this one no matter what he has done and you still do.  You are not responsible for his path, however.  He must make his own choices for his own healing and his own proceeding.  When possible blessed one, you must not hurt yourself by trying to get into the middle.  When possible, speak love.  Speak that you are there, speak that you will help him to heal himself, not to further the mess that he might be in, but to heal himself.  Will he heal?  Blessed one, he has all of the ability to do so.  The choice must be his.  This is hard for you to hear, for you are doubting his ability to even make a choice.  Know that he has a great, great energy that you have given him.  He does know that he is loved.  He does know that he can survive.