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GuidesMary – Hello and thank you once again for this incredible service. I am opening to seeing spirits, though I find it a little scary still, I wish to be of greater service and get out of my own way. Did I give the right answer when I was recently awoken in the middle of the night in Belfast? Anything I can do to reduce the fear? I understand that this is a gift and it really is all about love, but I am alone and it is dark in the middle of the night. Do to I need to write a book about my homeland?

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What an amazing being you are my blessed one. Courageous, oh some may say strong willed, but I say a radiant being that must speak your truth. And coming to your truth was no easy task, for you love your family, you love your homeland. You love the old rituals and all that they are, except the religious understandings are not yours. Oh you believe; you have a deep, strong belief. And your answers are your truth and so you must be that that you are—and thank you for doing so.

The dark in the night, my dearest, is only a physical sense. There is great light around your being. You must proceed exactly as you know you have. You didn’t run away, you just needed to get out from under to breathe. So breathe, blessed one. Breathe and seek places and beings to speak your truth. And in order to find a place to be safe, listen to what they speak to you, listen to who they be. And as you find your feet and your steadiness you will start to trust—and then you will find communion. You are not alone my blessed one. That amazing being you speak to is with you. You are loved.


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