Communicating with spirit guides

Someone who didn’t give a name asked, “How can I communicate better with the spirits. At times No. 14 has been used by the spirits to convey specific information and to indicate that there is misunderstanding or hesitation on understanding the message. Any tips?”

You try too hard the dearest one. It is often the path of least resistance. Let go. If you wish to choose one thing to be a sign or a symbol, those that surround you will abide by this. For their desire and great need is to have communion with you, in the growth of you–not for fun or recreation–but for your evolution. Sometimes this can be confused.

Choose or simply just trust that they are there. That way you will feel it and sense it and in time, the way will be made known to you. Communication with spirit is always there for you my child. Do you not remember when you were very small? Trust, my dearest one that you are not lost and this will be made clear to you.

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  1. Anonymous October 25, 2009 at 8:08 pm - Reply

    Hello! My name is Jennifer and I was at UVic on Friday night for the Dialogue with Spirit Guides. I was absolutely blown away and moved to tears at the incredible beauty and love I felt while listening to the spirit guides talk.I wanted to ask a question in regards to who my guides are. I feel as though there is one who is a Native Indian. Also, I’m wondering if any of my family members and I share a past life as I feel great distance from my mother, a resistant relationship from my brother and a strong connection to my father and aunt on my mother’s side. I never knew my Dad’s parents and my Mom’s parents lived farther away but I’m wondering if I shared a past life with any of them. Thank you very much for your time. Your gift is unbelievable and so very precious!Thank you and God Bless!Jennifer

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