Choosing what you really want

Jane D says she always seems to be on the move, whether it be from home to home, job to job or from relationship to relationship. Will I settle? Also, can you tell me if the relationship that I am currently involved, is in my highest interest?

Do you want to stay still?  Do you want to be in one place?  Do you want another job?  All of these things have been quite easy for her to choose and so I assume that this was her desire.  The fact that she is asking if this being is of her highest good is a fact that she doubts it.  So, dearest one, since you are doubting all of these things and yet you are not a doubtful person, think about what this means.  You are a very clear person and you know exactly what you want and where to go and get it.

So I say to you: find love.  Choose it.    Choose what you want.  But understand that you have made every choice.  It is free will.  And you will choose when you want to settle down.  I think you have already chosen that.  The other part, you can fix.  Firstly, let’s take some time for yourself,  and understand about how quickly you have made decisions instead of really thinking about all of the effect they have on your path.

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