Choosing to move to a peaceful place

Ruth Anne has a question about whether to move away from Victoria.  She says, “My husband and I are thinking about moving to Qualicum Beach, just 2.5 hours north of Victoria in the next year or two. We never thought we would leave Victoria but we feel it is getting too busy and our appreciation of Victoria has changed. Thinking about a move and fresh start up island to a quieter community feels right to us. I would like to work less, just part time as a nurse and enjoy more artistic endeavours. Will this move be in our highest interest? I worry about leaving my dad and brother here in Victoria.”

Interesting that she asks is it in her highest interest.  She is exhausted.  She wants to know if by moving there if she will get some rest, and some peace and start living her own life.  Yes, it will help a great deal.  Some distance is a good thing.  Perhaps someone else will take on some responsibilities.  And this is a good thing for her as she has cared and nursed for everybody.  Perhaps even a change of venue completely is good for her but she must choose it. It is not that she is burned out, it is just that she wants some happiness for herself. The move will help but it must be her choice.  Start making choices for your own growth, Ruth Anne, and it shall be. And time is not running out.

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  1. Betty Cahill August 8, 2010 at 9:44 am - Reply

    Do you happen to know when I will be building my healing centre?

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