Lyn asks how it is determined where we are born and how much time passes between lifetimes. She says, “I feel so blessed to have been born in Victoria, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Thank you for all of the wonderful words of wisdom that you share with us.”

You chose. You make a contract with beings that you are coming through, the parents you would call them. This happens long before conception. Often, it can occurs when both beings are in between lifetimes. Of course it is different for each individual; it is different at each time. But you choose to come through. And it is more the beings you come through with than the place of your birth. There are  situations where the “child” is brand new to the “parents” and chooses a specific place, but generally it is more the beings then the places.

You will find with most learning that spiritual understanding has little to do with the land, and rather more with the beings. It is for this purpose that you choose and it is like a contract. Perhaps you say to yourself, “I’ve already had this experience now I need to know the other side of it. And I will choose this one to have the other side of it, because we were in different roles last time. In fact, dear one, you each must learn every instant; experience every condition of being in the physical world.

The guides didn’t respond to Lyn’s question about how much time takes place between lifetimes.  Many times I have heard the guides say that this also is a choice.  You decide when you have absorbed all you can learn from the previous life and then you choose what you want to work on next (and with whom).  Joanna