P1020197Rachel writes:

Dear Guides, It’s been said that some of my past lives have been like dragging around an anvil and that I still drag around an anvil in this lifetime. Can you please explain this in more detail. It’s not a very positive thing to be doing. How can I lift the weight of this anvil and move forward? Thank you my dearest guides for all of your love and help.

The guide’s response:

There is no anvil my dear, there is a beautiful mind that worries and fusses and goes over and over things. You are the most perfect light. You needn’t choose to feel this weight of your world. Let go. Choose to let go. Choose to be the light that you are, greater in light and vibration, not heavier with the weight of the world upon you.

Swing your arms, dance, stretch, be, so physically beautiful. You needn’t carry this weight. You’re choosing to do it. You’re choosing to go back and back and back and fuss over things that happened and think about things that could have been, things that should have been. They were what they were. You are a magnificent being. Grow forward.

Why don’t you look at some of the ancient beings in your world, the ones that love to laugh even though they may be the teachers of millions.

Like the Dalai Lama?

Yes, they have learned, and they are living their truth, that you have a choice in all things.

Let go of the anvil, my dear, and think of how wise and how high your vibration is because of it.  Say thank you to that anvil and move forward with the light and the quickness of who you be.

Bless you.

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