I have a question here from Poppy about her youngest son who has found out that his girlfriend is pregnant. He’s 20 years old and is devastated by this news and feels his life is over. Poppy wants to know how to help him through this.

Ah, too late the understanding of the choice, but not too late to embrace the growth. There is always a choice and he must now (he, this beautiful young man, this radiant being) must make choices that have a great deal to do with his growth—and the growth of another. It is no longer just for himself that he chooses now. He chooses, and his choice has an effect on others. These are very evolved promises. I cannot tell him what he must do. He must come to that. I can speak to his blessed mother, to tell her surround him in love and light. To not ever make a choice for him. But to always hear him, see him, speak about what choices she would make. And for her to understand what her choices are. Everyone in this situation has a choice—even the unborn child. And how it will all materialize and move forward will be due to those choices. So he must take time to think, to distill, to be that that he is. To put down his armour and his defenses. To understand that he walks in the light, that his actions have created this, and how shall he choose to follow them. Nothing is negative. All is positive.

I guess it’s difficult when you’re on one path and a whole new reality opens up. It can change things quite dramatically.

He must let go of fear. He must trust in his inner being. He will know the choice to make, as will the mother. His mother. As will the young woman. Remove all judgment—all expectations. Surround them in white light. They will know what to do. It is interesting though different–the elements of growth are at hand. Tell these beings at this time that they are surrounded in light, that they are not alone. Tell them that conception takes place way before physical conception takes place. The young woman knew and felt—as did he.

Anything else?

That they should be in peace. And please tell Poppy that she must not look back, but forward.