bj asks “Has David made the right decision to go back into a relationship that ended in divorce some years ago? The decision to go back was made out of guilt on both sides because of family problems they are now going through, problems they feel may not have happened if they had stayed together.”

Hmmn. It is interesting why this question is asked. This one must tend to her own heart and heal her own being at this time.

Are you talking about the woman who asked the question?

Yes. It is not for her the choice to do another being’s work for them. It is important that she take care of her own being. This will help her to understand what she needs to do.

This answer?

Yes. They must do what they must do. Whether it be right or wrong, it is not up to her. If she is asking whether he has made the right choice or not, I will say that he must choose what is right for his path. This is a complicated yet very simple task. The two spoke things that were not truth at the time. And as time has evolved they have learned more to be who they truly are. They are different beings. It is not an old thing; it is a new thing.

Yes, and I know that we can only be responsible for our own decisions, and our own choices and our own growth.

That is truth. It does not mean you cannot care. It does not mean you cannot support and help and have true compassion. It is not that you must walk through a lifetime worrying only about yourself and not another. But that you can only truly be responsible for your own actions and choices.

Thank you.