Choices for growth

Gail asked if she is where she is supposed to be.

Yes. There are always going to be choices. In a matter of days, the choices can be absolutely different. I know of the frustration that you are feeling. I know your great need to…. Well, in time you will see that you are a teacher. You have taught many already but are not totally conscious of this. You are open, you are listening and you are ready. You are exactly where you need to be my blessed one.

Many beings ask questions often when they are at a precipice of something and they think the question they are asking is should I stay in a home, or in a relationship. They say, “Am I where I should be?” When in fact, yes they are, but no they are not. They are being exactly what they need to be to make the choice, to take the action. They might look back and say, “Well, I wasn’t in the right place”… but in fact they were, because they made the choice.

You see I cannot do the work for her, but I can tell you that she is in the right place right now.

That makes me think of people who look back on their life and think about a choice that they wish they hadn’t made or perhaps they feel they made a bad choice or a wrong choice, yet…

If growth is created, then the choice was good.

So all choices are good then–because they create growth?

Well there is a vibrational increase with all choices, and each choice adds to the total vibrational quotient of you. One choice might not be the greatest, but it is growing. While there may be another choice that is supremely the best choice in terms of spirit growth.

Yes, I see then that the choice is always for growth? So that is the scale, that we look on: Does it create a little bit of growth, or does it create a huge amount of growth?

Yes, exactly.

OK, I understand that this is the lens that we should look at things through. But sometimes we might not want great growth right at that moment. What then?

Then know that the amount of growing is less, but you still grow.

Thank you.

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    Thank you, Gail

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