I have a question from Brenda who is feeling unsettled in her relationship. She wonders if it’s her own stuff (fears and insecurities) or if there’s a reason she doesn’t feel able to trust her boyfriend. She wants to know if there’s a future in this relationship and if she is where she should be in this world. Also, she wonders about a past life connection with him as she feels so strongly about him but feels it is not reciprocated as deeply by him. She’d like to know how to move forward.

Blessed one, I will not tell you the future–for you create it yourself. The conditions and the attitude under which you live affect the choices you make. You will choose what is right for you for the vibrational state at which you be. And that is why I address this, for I do not believe you are thinking about you. You are thinking about others, and what will be, instead of being in the moment that you are in. This does not mean that you can’t have plans and dream about what will be. But do not leap forward. Be secure in the moment.

Trust is an interesting thing. It is a combination of many emotional centers and the physical being of a body. It is a unity of heart and mind, touch and senses. And if a part of you feels unsure then you must listen to this. It would be unwise to step forward if in any part of your being you feel unsure. You will choose what you will have. Be sure you put you in the scenario my dearest one.

Are you in the right place? The fact that you are asking this says yes, you are; the fact that you are wondering. You have had a past life with this one. It was difficult. You are more in tune than this one is. It doesn’t mean that it cannot be. It means that you must use all your ability to be, to touch, that that it is you need to do.