Choices about what has previously been set in motion

PF asks how it is the guides can tell us things like, for example, there is a new person or job coming when it is we who make choices to get to that place and different choices will bring different results.

She says, “Sometimes I feel like I am experiencing a life that has already been lived.  I know it is difficult for us to understand “time” and how it is possible that everything is happening at once. Some say all our lives are happening at the same time. If this is so, then how do we have new and old souls. Sorry, lots of questions.  I don’t expect to be able to completely verbally understand it but some words from you, I’m sure, would help. Thank you.


Creation never stops. Of course there are some brand new beings; not to say they haven’t been in other dimensions at other times.  There is truth in this. I am sure some of you have met people that you thought were from another planet. These are some of the new ones.

Understanding of new and ancient has nothing to do with age. It is a vibrational state of being. It is a continuum. When these beings re-unite with the Mother energy, or God, it begins again in a different domain, a different dimension, never ending. But being and growing and teaching and learning are all one.

You are the one that sets the promise to meet again with another being to complete something that you have yet to learn. Perhaps you shared a path with in a past life with this being. Perhaps from many lifetimes ago. Or perhaps none. But know that you will find a being, whomever they might be. A guide might tell you they are coming for you have set a promise (a task of learning). You have opened a valve so to speak. And so this energy will flow in that direction to you. It is your choice as to when and how. You will never change that they will come, just the conditions that surround it.

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