Children and parents and homework

A.J. Adams writes, “I am looking for advice on how to convince my daughter that doing her homework is something that has to be done. She is very intelligent, “gifted and talented” as they label her. She is in middle school now, and we’ve struggled with this for several years. The work she turns in to her teachers is always near flawless, but sometimes she just doesn’t want to do her homework. Zeros will kill a good grade in a big hurry. We’ve taken away privileges, but this doesn’t seem to bother her. She doesn’t need “stuff.” I’m not a fan of spanking nor would it work on someone with her reasoning capacity. She is the neatest person, beautiful soul. She is such an easy child in every way. I just can’t seem to make her understand “I’d rather not,” isn’t going to work. Advice?”

Dearest one, you are asking an ancient, ancient being about homework.  No. You are a parent who helped to bring in this most beautiful light, this being. Rejoice in the shared moments.  Don’t put this labour upon it.  Tell her that she must do it and it is her responsibility. But that you and she will share time each evening that has nothing to do with that.  The joy of being together, this is what she is demanding of you.  To not be burdened by the worry of expectations. You are right, she is very intelligent.  She will do her homework.  She will blossom and shine in the radiance if you give her time that is not restricted to any one thing, simply the joy of being together.  Sing, dance and laugh.  Enjoy my dearest.  Enjoy the love you have.

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