Children and concerns about the eating of meat

This is a continuation of our conversation with a guide about our relationship with animals.

 497730-pigLast night my grandson and I spent quite a bit of time rescuing a moth that was trapped. But then this morning we ate pork sausage with no thought about the animal that died for our breakfast….?

Yes, when you take the life of an animal to eat it, consciously, if you believe that this animal was loved and cherished and gave its life willingly, then no harm will come to you. But if as you swallow this flesh you feel an angst and a sadness and a torture, what do you think that will do to you?

Not good.

Yes. Not good. Understand the power you have within your being: the power of learning, the power of growing. And if you believe in the whole of your being that something is one way, then it is that one way in the whole of your being. But if you believe it isn’t and you try to do the same thing, it will not work.

So if that pork… because I can’t really understand where it came from or the life it had, but if I accept that this pig was a happy pig somewhere, would that be enough to shift the vibration even if the pig did not have a good life, if it had a horrible life under the factory farms…

You’ve already answered your own question. Belief has to be complete. There can be no little unsureness in it.

Ah, so if we want to eat pork we must find a source that we know is a happy source and we should be grateful to the animal.

Yes. And know in the depth of your being that this being lived a good life and that you are thankful for its life and that it loved you enough to give it. Do you see the communion you have with this? You are all one.

If you believe that you are ingesting something that’s tortured, even if just a small part of you feels a shudder, this will not help your being.

And what about the children? My children say they feel bad for the chicken when we eat chicken.

Then don’t feed them chicken, although I know it’s difficult for a mother…

Well, it’s mainly their dad who says they need to have meat, but my daughter rescued a butterfly. She wants to save everything.

And if you do not address that higher self within her being then you are only seeing half of her. You are only seeing the body and not the spirit and you know better than this. And what you’re hearing from him is his guilt. You know very well what to feed your children, and there are many forms in which you can feed them very well.

The next post continues this conversation but from a different guide’s perspective.

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    Hello! I’d like to ask about my daughter. She both amazes me….and scares me, and has so since she was a baby. She is like my shadow. I’d like to know how I can help her sleep in her own bed at night? It’s very troubling to my husband as he has difficulty sleeping due to lack of space in our bed. This has been going on for so long now and I’d like to see it change.

    Thank you.

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