Rae has asked about some well-known channeled entities that speak about impending great disasters and urge their followers to take drastic measures to save themselves, to move to high areas to survive global destruction. She feels that this advice is fear-based and wonders why these messages are being channeled. She asks how we can keep calm and open in the face of frightening and negative predictions. And how can we reach out to those who have taken the predictions to heart and are making big life changes out of fear.

By bringing it to their awareness. You live in a time when there are great polarizations. You have heard of this time of the overturn of souls. It is now that this occurs. So you will see those that will speak of their fear. What it is in the transmission of the energies through from the dimension in which I dwell is truly not the truth of all beings. It is a fear-based understanding only by that that is transmitted through.

So what you’re saying is that the person who is receiving and channeling this through, it’s their fear that is affecting the message?

Yes, and those that need to learn and grow through this understanding will be drawn to them. Se it not as a great negative, but as an area of understanding that the must learn. And they must find balance within—as all promises are.

Can you stop a being that is so drawn? No. It is not your work to stop them. It is their work to find within themselves their understanding, their truth. It is everyone’s work to speak of their truth and how they see it. It is a time for people to speak of that that is within them, their knowledge. For a long time in your physical world it was not acceptable to speak, but now it is acceptable to speak of. You are going to see ancient beliefs be tested. You are going to see many clashes between belief systems and archaic structures that can no longer hold the amazing growth of the spirit.

It is a wondrous time to be present in the physical world. Many of you who have chosen to be present have great promises. Promises that have many beings that will offer them growth. These have a very large effect on the process in the physical world. Many beings right now are going to speak of gloom and doom and destruction. See it as growing pains in your physical dimension. The great earth that you walk upon, that was created for your growth, of course it is going to have results from what has been done upon it, for learning. The learning has been done. And all learning is good. So the state which you are in right now is a positive thing, an understanding–and thus an area in which to grow.

Be not afraid. Change, growth, forward movement, might have some times when it seems very frightening, but it is all very positive. For often in these times is when the greatest growth occurs—movement forward. As you yourself know, in times of the greatest sadness you have seen the greatest love.

Tell this lovely being to not be afraid. To trust in the goodness, and all shall be.

That’s very helpful.

Tell them also that there are many, many writings in your world now to believe in the positive, to attract the positive. The law of attraction is a very well known state of being. Those that believe in fear will attract fear. That is why this being who channels through this has a great following. They find comfort in fear. They feel they can control things this way.

One has the greatest control when one tosses it to the universe and trusts—that the universe will support you. It will bring forward that that you need to learn, that that you have chosen for yourself. And if love is what you need you will have it, in all its miraculous glory. And may I say dear, that love is what all beings need. And there is enough for all.

Thank you very much.