Tboy34 asks how to deal with  the relationship with Scott.  He is not sure if they are going to continue their relationship and move out west.  He says, “I love this man deeply and don’t want to lose him.  How can our almost four-year relationship last?”

Dearest, you are a very controlled, determined being.  You are afraid.  You are afraid to let go of that which is, for fear of never having it again.  Change is the most common of things in the physical world.  It creates growth.  It gives opportunities for growth.  It forces growth.  Often, while dwelling in the physical world, beings can get very fearful of moving forward.   They often will lie in a place that is quite comfortable and will not even look at change.  And yet as you see the most comfortable of things.

My bright light, trust that you can step forward and be.  Trust that if you nourish with movement and flexibility this relationship will grow.  Do not fight my child, love with the sheer joy of life, do not hold back.  You could do some very deep breathing exercises dearest one.  It will help you. Be in peace.