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I have a question from Michael. He wants to know if his guides have any advice for him on his self-care and keeping his spirit strong and true in his work.

This one loves the physical world– loves life, loves to see the joy in others eyes. And so he will always find himself in the helping mode. And he will find he is truly the happiest when he is helping someone or teaching someone. He has great abilities to teach and to show and to bring laughter. He will often make a joke about himself to bring laughter and ease to someone else. How to care for his being is to love his being, to go for the walks, go on the trip, take the holiday, seek out the love he wants so much in his heart. He is an ancient being. And these ones will always find themselves in the middle of helping someone who is lost, is unable to make a choice of growth or moving forward. He will find himself, no matter how hard he tries; he’ll find himself doing this. Well, I suppose if he truly wanted a change, he’d find himself in one of your stores, selling perhaps white shirts. But you know what? Even as he sold that white shirt, he’d be touching the soul of the being and helping them to grow in some way that he has no idea.

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  1. Cheryl February 4, 2008 at 10:08 am - Reply

    I enjoy your blog and the universal insights that it provides. It also gives me a sense of connection to the others who have posted.I am hoping that you can provide some insight on a situation that I am facing.My husband of 25 years developed a very strong friendship with a co-worker 20 years his junior. They both refer to her as “wife #2”. When she transferred out to another office they began having dinner together on Saturday nightsas well as lunches, emails etc. this has been going on for over a year now. Although I know that this is a platonic relationship, I find that I am having a great deal of trouble dealing with this relationship. My husband knows that I do not like it but says that the relationship is important to him and that it is my problem if I cannot accept it. I feel very sad and hurt.Could you please offer me some insights?Thank you.

  2. stacy davis October 24, 2009 at 5:58 pm - Reply

    I have been lost and in a desert period for sometime. However, I recently emerged from it and it is exciting to feel alive. My question is what is my life’s purpose? I know that i am a true diehard humanitarian, but it is hard for me to chose an employment path. I just want to do the best at what i feel very passionate about. However, I have too many interests and this makes it hard to narrow down. Please help!!

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