Summer flowersI question many things as there are so many different theories from David Icke about bloodlines, the power of Rothcshild family and what about the rituals of the Masonic Lodge?   With all of the different religions and beliefs, how do I find my path in all of this information?

Dearest one, this is about speaking your truth, or seeking your truth, or being that that you are.

If you understand that there are new souls and every level of different aged souls, there are many different concepts and understandings that are created for different beings’ growth.  If some want to believe that, then so be it, that is where they are.  If it fits for you, so be it.

If you hear someone’s understanding of their world and it does not fit in your world, or does not fit right in your heart, in your emotional center whether you see them to be whether over your heart or in your head, then it is not right for you.  So, simply bid them well and say thank you for your information and let them be and you go on your way.  Seek your truth.

When you hear the words of a wise person and they feel right and warm within you and they feel like words that could be from your heart, then that is your truth and you might obtain some more information from that being.  But glean from them what is right for you.  As if take a book, take a saying, take a thought and let it fit inside your wonderful coat of who you be and move on.

Understand that those beings that make those processes are often in a place of no growth.  For often these thoughts and beliefs are limiting and they do not allow you to grow and move forward.  These concepts are so much placed in the past that where do they fall to, where do they move ahead to?   It is always going back to that that was.

You are a being who must have change and growth and movement.   Look to your truth.   Be one that is ever moving and growing.  You are a different being now then you will be tomorrow and so it should be.

Let them be. Do not judge.

There are some though that have frightened beliefs.   Those you must guard against.  No, do not take arms, but do not find yourself in the presence of many that wish destruction or control over others.  For this would never be the word of any mother energy, or God, or whatever you wish to call that great power.

If you understand the purpose of the physical lifetime to learn and to grow, to understand that you alone must make the choices for you.  You will know that no one else should make that choice of you.

And bless you for seeking and listening and giving grace to your own being, to be.