Maurice says, “I can’t recognize myself no more. I’m lost in my love life, work etc… What happened to me? I’m always thinking about the past when it was more happy moments?

Why is it that this being thinks only about the past

instead of the very moment that they be in?  Often, it is because something is unfinished, incomplete.   

So, dear one, address each situation and understand that you had choices.  You took actions, so own them now and understand as to why you did these actions.  And don’t be afraid to be in the moment of pain, or discomfort.  Don’t be afraid to not recognize yourself.  You have grown, you have evolved, you have changed.  It isn’t the case that that will be the only happy time.  But you will not let yourself be happy right now for you do not feel it is complete.  Be in it, feel in it, roll around in the pain of it until you are tired of it.  And then stand and shake it off and realize you have grown.  And your steps forward will be stronger, your love will be more vibrant and you more radiant.  Bless you my child.