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Begin with your own corner of the world

A guide talks about homelessness (part 1 of 2)

Is it society’s responsibility to provide shelter for the homeless?  What can we do collectively and individually to help with this growing problem in our communities?

Homelessness. Yes, it is true where you reside there are beings that choose to live in a precarious state. Many of them are imbalanced; choosing to hide, fearing being judged, criticized in their attempts to try to control what they can. They choose to live in a chaotic way. Truly, they are filled with pain. They are very lonely. Their camaraderie around each other is mostly fake, a pseudo state of being.

In these ancient cultures, they don’t use these words that you use. Your language should completely change when it comes to these beings. Shelter is not a permanent thing. Home, is a place to live, a place to feed yourself, to nurture.

There are some situations that teach these beings how to provide for themselves, but it is as if they are out of step with society. How to get in step with society again takes time, takes trust and takes nurturing. And in your society it takes money. It seems as if many societies are set up just for money and not truly to help those who need it.

To start, you must begin as you have always been told with your own corner of the world. If you see something that is not right by you, then it is your choice to affect it, whether it be by actual movement, or giving, or speaking, or doing an action that relieves the discomfort within you and hopefully within them.

It is the responsibility of each being. No being lands themselves homeless without others knowing but often family breakdown and disregard and anger cause them to drift apart. All of these beings have families, have beings.

At one time in the evolution of mankind in their spiritual growth there were tribes. There were beings that cared for each other and they were as healthy as they all could be for if one of the tribe was ill, all would work to make that one well for they knew that the illness would cause a creeping illness to all of them. You are no different now even though you feel you have grown beyond it.

These beings on the street are out of step.  Take the time, speak, be part of them.  Let them be part of your life. I feel that you would not be comfortable doing this.

(To be continued…)

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