Before each choice, be clear on what it is you are choosing

An excerpt from our June 15 Dialogue with Spirit Guides evening 

My house is for sale and I struggle with selling it, I am not sure where I will go after I sell it but I do wish to sell it.  Can you give me some guidance as to where I will locate and when I will locate and how I can go about selling it quicker.

Yes, blessed one.  I know your society right now has difficulty, but you are having difficulty within your own being. You have been through some very difficult times and you feel very much that you have not made choices that you wanted to make, but are now trying.  Before each choice, be very clear on what it is you are choosing. The fact that it hasn’t occurred yet means you still need time.

I know you might find that hard to believe, but there is a certain amount of healing you need do before you are ready, before you will be completely clear.  You are very filled with anxiety over many things, blessed one.  You don’t even take time to think about all of the needs that you have.  Oh, do not fear; it will all come into place in time.

So, what you need to do is to begin first, instead of looking what to get rid of, ask: What do you need to be?  What do you need to make you calm again?  Often days have passed and it is as if you are walking a tightrope the whole day, not even taking a deep breath.

You are a most enchanting being and those that surround you think you are completely in control and doing well.  They do not know how you feel inside.  You must take action to heal your being first and then the rest will take place. I know you want a time frame.  Shall I tell you by spring you will be in your new place and you will truly understand exactly what you needed to do.  You also have a friend that is very much wanting to help you.  Sometimes it is more difficult for you to receive–as you like to give.   Open your heart with your friend, a female friend.


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