Funtastic writes:

Thank you helpers and guides for all that you do. You make a great difference. I want to restore my reputation, to clear my name. I have experienced some rejection by others on a national level who have heard or read about the negative statement written about me. This hurts. I have reluctance and feel bad to give my real name and state where I live out of fear of the rejection and judgment I may face. This is a horrible feeling.

I have prepared a letter telling my truth in hopes that it will remove the stain on my name. What would be the outcome of my publishing my letter? Who do I share it with? Newspaper, the relevant organizations and groups? I ask this because I want to avoid taking an action that will hurt me.

What would be best for me to do to clear my name? One person said do nothing. That does not sit well with me. Have I further hurt myself by sharing my thoughts and feelings with this person? In other words, is this person a “spy” for the group or will work against me? Is he to be trusted?

I want to still be able to do all that I came to this earth to do, especially in service to others. I want to fulfill the role of the “master builder”. I also want to be finished with this problem before year’s end.

I want to help in this current movement, but telling my name and location seems to hurt my efforts and cause me to flinch. I do not want what was said about me to affect my employment opportunities, standing in the community, etc. What do/or should I do? Please advise me. Thank you.

The guide’s response:

Blessed one, release the fear.  Engage not in words of battle of words of condemnation, of retribution, be not a part of that.  That is not how you be.  The way you live your life tells how you are  and who you are.  The greatest way to teach is to be to let the path you walk on be your truth.  Let your choices be the highest and purest that you can choose.

This is the best way to tell the world of who you be and how you be.  If you believe that those that you be and converse with speak not a truth of you, then they are not ones you need to be around and with.  Do not engage in the fight of words, for they will not hear your words if they already pidgeon-holed you  in a place that you be not able to fit any longer.

You have grown.  You have grown huge giant steps. Your energy is much higher and greater than what you were before.  And those that do not wish to see that, will no longer be comfortable in your presence. And that is alright. Let them go their way. Let them walk on the path that they choose–and you walk on yours.

I know you try to fit back into that that you were.  You will not have a comfortable time doing this and you will once again move back into who you have now become.  Be that that you are, blessed one. Be and let that be the banner you walk under.

You live under a great deal of words, actions and judgements.  You have worked very hard to break out of those.  Don’t push yourself back into them. Hear not their words, be not in the place of judgement, but in a place of acceptance and love.  You are loved and you are not alone.