Balancing sexual desires

Bobo writes, “Do you have any advice on balancing sexual desires? I feel like mine are out of control! I havn’t been with anyone for a few years but I know I dont need to.  Is this natural or have I repressed it without being aware of it? I am aware that we all have to deal with these energies, but it seems to have taken over my life and it drains my energy. It feels like i am powerless in this situation and like something takes over me when I am attracted to the opposite sex! I practice some taoist techniques and they do help but right now it feels like theres no way out.  I feel like i have some negative attachments that are impossible to move away from. If you have any advice I would be very thankful.”

The joys of sexual desire. The joys of a physical body in all of its wonder in all of its beauty. When they are out of balance it does mean there is a difficulty at hand. It could be something you are avoiding and worrying about. In truth, it could be a job or it could be a relationship. When any part is out of balance you should pay attention to it. It is usually isn’t the very thing that is out of balance that is causing the disturbance. It is usually something else. A state of health mentally or physically, or a state of spirit. If you have a sexual imbalance, it is not sexual. It is usually emotional. A deep hurt, or an unfulfilled element of growth that needs to be attended to or paid attention to. Speak, find a trustful being. If you need to find help, seek it my dearest. There is nothing about the human condition that you should be uncomfortable about talking about. But find someone who will not judge you, that you find trust within and this will help.

Bobo mentions that he has these negative attachments that are impossible to move away from.

Nothing is impossible. You are choosing to stay in that place. You may not understand that, but you actually find comfort within that now. It is deep in the emotional centres. It has nothing to do with the sexual or physical parts of our body. You can move away if you are willing to help yourself.

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