Awakening from a slumber


Sarah – Hi Guides, I was just wondering if things will be okay. I’m a student who is not sure about what to do as far as careers go. I feel like I’m behind and lost. I have tried to pursue modeling but lately have been discouraged. There is so much I want to do and I don’t know where to start. I’m honestly scared and I just want to make my parents proud. Also, should I contact an old “love interest” that I met a couple years ago on a summer camping trip? We had a connection. Did he have genuine feelings for me and would he be open to talking to me again?


 Dearest Sarah, you are an ancient being with many, many existences. You came, chose to be present, to bless the physical world with your presence.  The world of modelling is not the answer for you.  You are not one with those.  You do not feel comforted by that, being in that presence. You are a tender, beautiful being that is just now beginning to understand that you see deeper into beings than you ever knew.  And, you have realized that you had been walking in a path fulfilling others.  That is why modelling would never do for you.

You have great empathy.  In other words, you see the plight of others.  You are very good at helping others find the words they need to speak.  You would be very good at helping them define their problems, counselling.  You could even go into law for you do not go easily with injustice.

As to connecting with this other being from your past, it is because you feel like you did not walk your path and truth and you wonder, perhaps, if there could have been more to that.  Connect with that being if you wish but you do not have an intense promise with that being.  But it might help you to understand who you were and why you now feel you are now awake from some sort of deep slumber.  You had to attain this time now in your life to come into your clarity.  You are not confused, you are becoming clear.  Love your parents but be who you need to be for your growth, blessed one. Bless you my child.

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